» Backed by more than 20 years of experience, we have the knowledge, expertise, confidence and infrastructure to cater to the ever demanding requirements of our valued clients.

» SMS transport ensures that their clients have the best transportation system by developing and administering policies and programs for a safe, efficient and environment friendly transportation system contributing to nations growth and social development and protecting the physical environment. With an extensive network of agencies, direct and indirect employees throughout the country and with the available vehicles, we transport 1000 tonnes of cargo across the length and breadth of the country, covering more than 40000 kms on an average trip basis.

» SMS transport established both physical and computerized documentation and data processing system. The infrastructure is manned by well trained staff giving attention to minute details and ensuring safe and timely delivery of the consignment.

» The Company deploy its own vehicles which can be utilized whenever they are required and demanded by our clients. Specialized vehicles are deployed for project cargo and super ODC.

» 6 pullers with 400 & 300 HP, around 44 Axles of different make, & Low Bed Mechanical Trailers forms the core of SMS infrastructure.

» SMS transport also deploy other types of vehicles which includes LCV to carry loose and tiny confined consignments, Different types of mechanical trailers viz High Bed & Semi Low Bed , to accommodate parts and accessories.

» In an attempt to expand our activities in surface transportation, we have launched global positioning system along with our Volvo pullers to track the shipment. We have big ideas to make this division a full-fledged and leading one in a short while both in land and sea operation field. Our aim is to cater to all sections of customers according to their requirement of particular types of vehicles.